Leaf Greener

Stylist, Senior Fashion Editor of ELLE CHINA, Fashion and Creative Consultant. London

C'mon. Even the most Miroslava Duma-devoted among us can come right out and admit it. The deluge of peacock-y 'look-at-me' ensembles that descend on us (even if only from the comfort of our office chairs via Tommy Ton-lensed Style.com slideshows) each fashion month can eventually grow a little fatiguing, right?! As much as we love to see someone get to actually wear the Prada and Proenza-laden looks of our dreams, we just have to draw the line somewhere—if only so we don't drive ourselves to drink and online shop—even if our raiding similarly flossy closets is kind of our, ahem, bread and butter.

That said, every season, there are a few girls who register on our radar and instantaneously capture our full and complete attention. Namely? The likes of ELLE China editor Leaf Greener—who, it goes without saying, has been on our aforementioned radar for a number of seasons now. And so you can imagine then, that when she finally found the time to fit in a shoot at her hotel in between shows this past London Fashion Week (J.W. Anderson, Christopher Kane, Erdem, oh my!), we had to devote considerable efforts to keeping our inner fangirl in check.

When we finally made it to her temporary Londontown abode, lets just say Greener's goods were far from disappointing. Virtually every surface was covered with bags, shoes or jewelry (think more glossy photoshoot and less Grey Gardens); and that's to say nothing of the full rolling rack of garments just waiting for us to come over and play. But Greener isn't the sort to only wear all-next-season everything; there was plenty of Ghesquière-era Balenciaga, as well as a thoughtful mix of Chinese designers among her spoils, too.

Oh, and as if we weren't quite enamored enough just yet? Greener really won us over when we asked her to spill her least-editor-like guilty pleasure. Lets just say it involves a dozen or so hot wings from Chinese KFC...