Ada Kokosar: The Coveteur x Mercedes-Benz

Freelance Stylist & Creative Director. New York

"Street bloggers are like boys. The more you run away, the more they run after you."

Ada Kokosar has been "running" from Tommy Ton and co. for a long time, but a quick scan of just about any street style blog clearly proves she can run, but she can't hide. And, well, that's precisely how she caught our eye.

It's hard not to become fixated on Kokosar—that disheleved, Beyoncé ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ hair and those effortless outfits that are pure, well, streetstyle photog bait. Plus, she totally has that very same illusive international editor intrigue that you can't help but gravitate towards. But leave it to the Milan-born, NYC-based stylist and consultant to pull together looks that instantly make you feel pretty unsatisfied with the outfit you picked out that morning. And, yes, her downtown loft has that very same easy, minimalist vibe.

We (in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz) caught up with Kokosar to reverse the roles for a minute and take the brains behind-the-scenes of some of our favorite editorials ever—Google her work and you'll get it—and put on the other side of the lens. But, naturally, leave it to the stylist to jump right in there, flip the switch and start art directing some of the shots; you know how the story goes. That being said, it was a complete harmonious collaboration of sorts. Kokosar couldn't help but apply that very same thoughtfulness and it was almost mesmerizing to watch as she pulled pieces from her racks and create still-life vignettes that accurately exemplified the way she would wear it herself.

But the real magic happened when Kokosar kicked back and played model for the moment. She danced back and fourth along a white wall in a snow white head-to-toe Gareth Pugh number that seemed like something straight off the runway—but, like, go figure. There's no denying this wasn't her, uh, first rodeo. And if there's anyone who can take the two-piece suiting concept and transform it from your-mom's-ill-fitting-pantsuit-in-the-80s to next-level-realness (and make us a believer) - it's her. As things got a bit more, uh, intimate and moved into the bedroom—relax, we keep it PG around here, okay?—Kokosar got a little more comfortable and slipped into her powder blue 22/4 PJS. Let's just say we called it a night after that.

P.S.: Did we mention this is going to become a regular thing? Stay tuned for the next in our video series, 'Style Profiles'—oh, and you can watch the first full feature, by director Matt Black, right here.