Olivier Rousteing

Creative Director, Balmain. Paris

Styling: Stephanie Mark
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

When it comes to creative types, we often liken taking a tour through their office or workspace to almost getting a glimpse inside their brain, and when you find yourself in the Paris HQ of Balmain Creative Director and designer Olivier Rousteing, it's only fitting, then, when you stumble upon boots adorned with baroque beadery and old Miami Vice DVDs, right?!

After all, that's the other thing that almost always, without fail, tends to manifest when we make our way through a creative's space or personal archives: it kick-starts a veritable game of connect-the-dots, with us linking whatever we find to the fantasy world that they create for the rest of us. Namely? How it became almost immediately transparent how Miami Vice's OTT shoulder pads and and wide lapel suits gave way to Rousteing's collections, both past and present, for the historied house. From the trunk of beat-up, boxy black boots he brought from home to the iPod dock that blasts Britney and Rihanna on the regular; all of the elements of the French brand's DNA under Rousteing's rule couldn't have been more apparent from our morning with the designer. Oh, and lets just say that since our little visit, we've been touting around boxes of Special K bars (his favorite) in hopes that one day, we too can be the proud owners of cheekbones that could cut glass.

And while he gamely posed side-by-side with his first-ever campaign under the Balmain label (starring none other than one Anja Rubik, bien sûr), Rousteing told us, in his own words, his definition of just who the Balmain woman really is. "Balmain is where you can find the most incredible pieces, like something [for] $25,000, but at the same time you can find a really good tailored jacket. Balmain is all about attitude, not only clothes. If you’re really strong and audacious and fearless, just come to Balmain."

P.S. Fellow Balmain-iacs—rejoice! Their upcoming Thursday show begins being teased out Tuesday morning, CET. Just take a peek at www.balmainlive.com to see what we mean.