Giorgia Tordini

Fashion Designer & Creative Consultant, New York

It’s hard to imagine that anyone would consciously choose to leave Milan. Sure, the city is vibrant, elegant, and fashionable―not to mention the Prada and Marni outlets―but let’s get real for a second, who would ever want to give up that authentic Italian cuisine (and well, decidedly authentic Italian men)? But for designer-turned-creative consultant, Giorgia Tordini, moving to New York was a lifelong dream―you know, the sort straight out of a made-for-TV-movie. “Milan has something special that other cities don’t have, [that's] not only fashion related. Living there for 10 years made me appreciate every corner and every little thing the city could give me. In Milan, you experience elegance and style in the streets, not only from the store windows.” Even so, “moving to New York was my biggest desire,” she told us. And for the woman who enrolled in fashion school straight out of high school, it comes as no surprise that her greatest challenge when making the big move was, er, leaving behind shoes. “When I was packing to move to New York, the editing of what shoes to bring was a real drama.” Sounds familiar.

We caught up with Tordini at her already elegantly furnished West Village loft; after returning home from a two-day vintage furniture-shopping trip in upstate New York. "My guilty pleasure is vintage furniture,” she confessed, “and I have the best partner in crime to spend hours with looking for new pieces to buy—my boyfriend, Guido.” As if we weren't entirely envious of her life already. Fittingly, their entire space conveys a seamless ‘70s and art-deco style. “At this point I don’t know what comes first: fashion or furniture? I’ll [probably] never choose."

Oh, and as if she didn't quite have enough going on already, Tordini heads up her own labels, too. Of her two collections, Rêve and Like My Mother, Tordini told us, “I have put them aside because I have experienced so many changes in my life lately. I am one of those people who like to do something very well or not at all. I invest 100% of myself into any project I throw myself into and I realized I could not give those projects the dedication and time they deserved to be at the level I wanted them to be, so I made the decision to put them aside for the moment instead of doing them halfway." That said, the freedom has allowed Tordini to explore entirely new creative avenues. “Lately, I’ve been approached by different brands to do art direction for them and help them develop the image of their brand.” Essentially, Tordini’s our new poster-girl for embracing change (even if those changes mean, you know, leaving behind Milan).