Stacey Todd

Designer, Owner of Stacey Todd. Los Angeles

Stacey Todd is not a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.

But, actually.

While the majority of us would likely avoid raiding our mother’s closet, – we’ll pass on the mom jeans, ill-fitting itchy cardigans, awkward matching pant suits and stretchy track pants – we’d be pretty pleased with possible perks of being one of Todd’s daughters. Oh hello, Céline hand-me-downs and Hermès heirlooms!

“My daughters make fun of me for keeping a ‘Kelly Fund.’ I think we all know what that means…” she confessed to us. Well, they laugh now, but in a few years, we think they may be quite content with their closets.

And while many West Coasters know Todd for her namesake outpost, which stocks all our friends (Isabel Marant, Barbara Bui, Phillip Lim, A.L.C, Alexander Wang, Raquel Allegra et al.), many are unaware of Todd’s longstanding roots in the biz.

“From the minute I can remember, everything revolved around fashion growing up with my dad, Norman Todd,” she told us. “He was one of the original Garmento’s. 'The Armani of the west coast!' as he liked to call himself. Most notably, he did the wardrobe for Mary Tyler Moore’s show. I remember being really little and sitting on my dad’s lap, helping him pick out color swatches.”

So it goes without saying that Todd has had a pretty discerning eye and expert aesthetic since, well, the womb. Well, there was that one time, though. “My most cringe-worthy moment has to be my wedding look in 1983; from the big hair with satin bow to the dyed-to-match peau de soie satin pumps. Need I say more?” Listen, the 80s weren’t kind to anyone, so… you’re forgiven.