An Ode to 2 Chainz's Foodstagram

Because @hairweavekiller knows how to eat.

It’s not exactly a secret: we’re unequivocally, unapologetically suckers for a foodstagram. That said, our reputation (read: appetite) often proceeds us. Case in point? When things get to a point where editors come wielding cheese plates and saucers of guacamole upon your arrival, you know that things might be getting the teensiest bit out of hand. 

But penchant for brie and pomegranate crostinis, avocado anything and all manner of fancy-ass finger foods aside, we collectively really have nothing on 2 Chainz epicurean pursuits. We mean, have you seriously taken a scroll through @hairweavekiller’s ‘gram lately?

After all, we’re talking about the same rapper with the calibre of #foodpics that put Martha Stewart’s to shame. From his lamb chops with sweet corn risotto and mint-basil oil to those steaming lump crab cakes with jasmine rice and shaved brussell sprouts, the man knows good food... and how to take a good #foodpic. It kind of goes without saying that Chainz has a serious thing for the finer things in life—namely, lobster, lobster and more lobster; with a healthy helping of crab and truffle oil. Oh, and the occasional bag of Skittles.

"Yes, hi. We'd like to make a reservation for two under the name '2 Chainz' for 7 p.m. tonight."