Elisabeth Holder

USA Co-President, Ladurée; New York

We can almost guarantee that you’ve pinned your nose to her storefront windows or fawned at the sight of Elisabeth Holder’s colorful creations. Holder just so happens to be the co-President and modern day brains behind that oh-so-Parisian-perfect brand of macarons (say it with us mah-cah-rawn; not mac-a-roons, guys!) we know better as Ladurée. We all know the magical feeling of unwrapping a pastel pink (or blue, or lavender!) box of Ladurée  – slowing tugging away at the neatly tied ribbon, peeling back the delicate tissue paper to reveal a rainbow assortment of petite pastries. There’s something that instantly makes you just a slight bit fancier… even if you can’t exactly speak French fluently or roll your “R’s” the way they so eloquently can.

And for a brand that’s rooted in pretty packaging and whimsical wonders, it’s no surprise that very same thoughtful approach applies to her home and closet. Holder is easily one of the chicest Parisian Ex-Pats in New York – aside from maybe Céline Kaplan, of course; and you can quote us on that. As an ex-employee of Hermès – uh, hello #WorkPerks! – you can only imagine the limited edition Birkins and Kellys coming out of her walk-in. We’re talking custom, two-tone, caramel leather-meets-nude fabric kind of things – and, no, we can’t make this stuff up. As for her parting gift from the house? Oh, just a one-of-a-kind Hermès swing, which now is appropriately suspended in her SoHo abode. (It’s totally off-limits to her twin boys, though. Oh, grown-ups and their toys…)

But her swing hangs in good company and seems right at home with Holder’s eclectic (to say the least) prized collection of art. Think: Life-size plastic Cactus sculptures, mini robots (FYI, their hers; not the boys!), Bearbricks, Warhols, graffiti and more. “It is all about love at first sight and not a calculated investment.”

Her impeccable taste in art translates to her wardrobe: Céline, Proenza Schouler, YSL, Lanvin, Isabel Marant, Balenciaga… it occupies two walk-ins (as it should!) “Everyone talks about ‘French women! French women! French women!’ which I agree with. The ‘Je ne sais quoi!’ But we can learn a lot about New Yorkers,” the Parisian-transplant told us. “I have learned a lot in N.Y.C. and the women in fashion? Always impeccable. I admire that. Work, gym, heels; super glamazons it seems.”

We were showered with our own parting gifts – no, not Hermès swings! – from Ladurée and overwhelmed with the decision of choosing “just one” for a mid-day snack. “My guilty pleasure is the Confiture de Caramel au Beurre Sale. It’s bad! My husband has the same issue,” she confessed. “I always eat three. One for hunger, one for the taste, the last one out of pleasure!” So, like, don’t judge us if we go back for two more, k?