Last Resort

Meet our St. Barths must-pack essentials.

Last Resort

Okay, we'll admit. When we first found out that we were heading to the paradise that is St. Barths (with the insanely stunning Adrianne Ho, no less), pretty much the very last thing we were thinking of were the actual clothes we were going to be wearing. Floppy sunhats? Sure. Sunscreen? Okay. Bathing suits? Well, considering that our thought process is usually a little more "holy sh*t! Where's the closest juice cleanse?!", yes.

But in between waking up at 5 A.M. to catch the sunrise around our Wimco villa (oh hey, Villa JEP!) and fitting in beach work-outs with model-slash-founder of Sweat the Style, Ho, we found that there were more than a few key pieces and must-have packing essentials that carried us through out trip. Namely? A pair of super sweet, airy jumpsuits by Miguelina; think: one short, strappy and white, and one long, black, and vaguely a little '70's, because, well, a girl's gotta have options. But seriously, we cannot think of more appropriate vacation/actual resort wear. Throw the short white one on over your bathing suit for touring around barefoot whatever fantastical island you find yourself on (or even better, with a pair of strappy gladiators) during the day, and the long black one, with a dramatic floppy hat, a colorful beaded necklace and a pair of towering wedges for night. Easy, right? Oh, and those with an aversion to rompers and jumpsuits (while we're among the shamelessly devoted, we will concur that having to pee in one always poses problems), there's also a similar black, lacy mini, that shows just enough skin to pose the question: dress or bathing suit cover? To which we answer: BOTH.

We also found ourselves continually coming back to our Muzungu Sister Moroccan caftans, which, at just $65, are reasonably priced enough to stock up on a handful to rotate between. Top that off with Ho's dip-dyed pink sarong and navy bikini, and well, we like to think we just pretty much took care of your entire vacation's shopping list. Next step? Give Wimco a call, like, stat.

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