Laura Brown

Executive Editor, Harper’s BAZAAR; New York

When it comes to putting people on the spot, Laura Brown takes a – how do we put this? – no holds barred approach. So when the roles were reversed and she was in the hot seat (make that a vintage chair with a cushion from John Derian), we kinda just went for it. The worse trend she’s experimented with? “Once I recovered from my perm… I was super interested in fashion, with mixed results,” she confessed. “I dyed my hair every color, from red to super dark brown, and went through a disturbing bubble skirt and winkelpicker period.” (Note to self: Get photo proof, ASAP.) The one thing she wouldn’t be caught doing? “Behaving like the clichéd idea of a fashion person. People who do, I call “BFMs” (Bad Fashion Movies).” And, well, we won’t spoil much else; just read on, guys.

And while it may have only been 10 a.m. (it was a Saturday and we’re not morning people), Brown greeted us with that signature wide-eyed smile, vibrant personality and cheery Australian accent. Although we admittedly needed a few sips of our coffee to get on her level, her infectious personality instantly gave us that jolt of energy we usually only find after multiple cups of caffeine. We got cozy on her couch before diving shoe first (she keeps them insanely organized in Tupperware boxes, FYI) into her closet.

“Apologies for the mess!” she called across the room, “I just moved in!”

Though we must say, for someone who had just moved in, everything seemed pretty perfect. From the “Lovely” Lite Brite Neon sign in the window to the framed photo of Faye Dunaway by Terry O’Neill above her fireplace to the Senegalese and Australian Aboriginal buckets o’ bangles in her bedroom – every piece had found its little place in Brown’s inviting abode. But the Harper’s Bazaar editor has a way of making everyone (and, well, everything) seem right at home. Every subject she’s ever shared her The Look couch with – we’re talking Karl Lagerfeld to Kim Kardashian to Kiernan Shipka and everyone (read: Elmo and Martha Stewart) in between – has seemed quite comfortable… at least for the most part.

And when it came to playing dress-up, Brown channeled her inner-Miley and tried to one-up her how-could-we-forget VMA performance. Just kidding! But she did squeeze herself into that very same CHANEL striped jumpsuit that Ms. Cyrus once donned. And for the record: Brown totally wore it best.