Getting Ready with Atlanta De Cadenet & Laura Love

Primping with the duo pre-CHANEL's Pre-Fall 2014 show.

Getting Ready with Atlanta De Cadenet & Laura Love

While we've already recapped Kaiser Karl's day in Dallas, (haven't seen it yet? We suggest you get on that, stat) everyone knows half the real fun is in the getting ready before the big party. You know: actually taking the time to put together an ensemble rather than haphazardly throwing something on while five minutes late (and halfway out the door). Do as follows (in this order): Tease your hair, apply mascara, then lipstick, carefully curate a selection of baubles to slip on, and finally languorously spritz on a fragrance just before you slip out the door... the whole nine yards. The entire process can only bettered by the three C's: (good) company, champagne, and well, CHANEL. With this in mind, we hit up Atlanta de Cadenet and Laura Love to see if they'd let us get ready with them before the big Dallas show. Spoiler alert: they did.

We met the girls (they became besties when they were flower girls at the same wedding—kinda cute, right?!) at the make-up suite that the house had set up at The Joule Hotel. When we arrived, we found them receiving the royal treatment from a fleet of CHANEL make-up artists on hand. After getting all gussied up, fittingly, with a Coco Chanel Bearbrick watching over the entire process, we slipped up stairs and got down to the nitty-gritty: what the hell do you actually wear to a CHANEL show?!

Turns out both girls opted for looks that reflected the historied house's most revered staples. While de Cadenet went for a matchy magenta CHANEL signature,—a two piece tweed suit, worn with tights and a pussybow blouse underneath—Love paired a pair of chain-link lined booties and yup, a tweed jacket, with a perfectly tailored and textured white dress, plus a strand of pearls. We met up with Love's mother, Vogue's West Coast Editor Lisa Love, and then it was off to the show... but not before an impromptu elevator photo shoot, because, duh. (Say "Selfie!") We think Uncle Karl would approve big time, don't you?


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