Kate & Laura Mulleavy

Designers, Rodarte. Los Angeles

All September Issue references aside, ("those poor goddamn Rodarte's!") we've been longtime admirers of the Mulleavy magic that comes down the runway at Rodarte each season practically since the brand's inception. And so when the opportunity to shoot their incredible archives came up, well, you can imagine our excitement.

We met the team at the Chateau Marmont—a location that couldn't be more in line with the Californian heritage that's so integral to the very DNA of Rodarte. The Mulleavy girls had gone ahead and dug way deep into their archives, curating and hand-selecting pieces from Rodarte's past collections and overnighting them from New York in time for our shoot. They also arrived with an array of trinkets, tchotckes and mementos from Kate and Laura's own closets and home; everything from a selection of their favorite vinyls (ranging from Cat Power to Jay Z - they really are girls after our own hearts!) to concert tickets and stickers.

It was immediately clear that the Mulleavy sisters take a hands-on approach with every aspect of the brand, executing their vision with laserpoint precision. Case in point? The thoughtful styling suggestions they sent along for each vignette. Everything is done with the most meticulous sense of purpose, balanced with a strong sense of sentimentality—and you need look no further than their signature hand-knit cardigans and sweaters for proof. Caution: Handle with care.

Getting all up-close-and-personal with each piece really renewed our appreciation for their work; being able to admire how each piece is crafted with couture-like detailing totally changes your perspective on the whole thing. Seeing the Rodarte archives alongside the Mulleavy's inspiration — including their passion for film, which has had its hand in inspiring several of their collections (remember that time George Lucas sat front row at one of their shows?) — kind of gave us the shivers. It's official: we Ro-hearte Rodarte.

Portrait by Todd Cole.