Erica Pelosini

Stylist; Designer, Louis Leeman. New York

"Whether it's a gift from Anna [Dello Russo], a piece from a designer friend, or something I picked up while traveling, behind every piece is a story,” stylist/consultant Erica Pelosini told us as we rummaged through her collection of beautiful things.

You know that virtual K-hole you go down when you find something or someone so fascinating that you develop an indescribable need to learn everything you possibly can about them? This kind of thing subsequently leads to a three one-hour long Google image search of Tumblrs, streetstyle photos and random posts on some cheesily named blog (we know, we’re ones to talk) called something like, – apologies in advance if this, in fact, exists and belongs to you. (Did you just search that domain to double-check, too?)

Anyways, when our eye (and the lens of, like, every street photog) caught the attention the Balmain-ed out brunette to the left of ADR, we instantly felt a surge of one of those “girl crush” things coming on. Always in some sort of six-inch stiletto, oversized sunnies and leg-bearing skirt (uh, have you seen those can’t-even-get-these-from-Pilates perfect stems?), Pelosini has a way of putting together outrageous outfits and making them seem all “Oh, this?”

“I think the secret is to dress in your own personal style and people respond to seeing you comfortable in your own look,” she told us.

We popped by her suite at The Gramercy Hotel and she opened up her travelling closet to us, which was filled with Balmain, Balmain, Fausto Puglisi, Isabel Marant, Céline, Tom Ford, Gucci and, oh, Balmain. We chatted about our love for the West Coast, her beloved footwear line (Louis Leeman, duh!) and some of her most memorable career moments thus far (think: Dior Couture, Patrick Demarchelier, Anna Dello Russo and Anja Rubik… in Paris).

And for the girl who started styling her own mother at only five-years-old (re-read that, again!), it goes without saying there’s a reason she’s probably the most Googled girl in fashion right now… at least in our recent browser history.