Kyle DeWoody

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Grey Area

"I hate saying favorite artists, it’s like picking a favorite song. I tend to obsess for a period and then move my obsession."

When it comes to contemporary art, Kyle DeWoody knows best. DeWoody met us at her home-slash-Brooklyn headquarters of her company, Grey Area—the "undefined space between art and design where art is made functional and the functional is made art." The whole thing suddenly clicks the moment you make your way inside the lobby of Grey Area's HQ where DeWoody lives in the loft above. After meeting her dog, and first showing us pieces from a few of Grey Area's featured artists, (with enormous tables by Snarkitecture, a floral bench by Peter Dayton and a rainbow of hand-knit Sharpie markers by Megan Whitmarsh among them) DeWoody lead us up the spiral staircase and the real fun began.
It should come as no surprise that you can hardly make a move in DeWoody's home without finding some kind of conversation piece—and that extends to her closet, too. Just take a look at the Tom Sachs clutch we stumbled upon if you need further proof. Everything that encompasses DeWoody's style is just slightly off-kilter from the Alcoholics Anonymous Olympia Le-Tan clutch to the airy organza Marni blouse we hung in her windowsill. And let's just say DeWoody went hard when it came to playing dress-up—squeezing into her closet in between takes and throwing on whatever struck her fancy—and looked every inch the enviable art world fixture while doing it.
After sharing a recent NET-A-PORTER impulse purchase with us and debating the merits of keeping versus returning—Nicholas Kirkwood x Erdem Chelsea boots, FYI—DeWoody threw on a pair of faded denim overalls, a striped floral crop top and polka dot pumps for her final look. The result? Well, just see for yourselves. See you at Basel, DeWoody!