Kate Lee

CHANEL Celebrity Makeup Artist. Los Angeles.

If you've ever so much as set foot inside any beauty department, you'll know exactly what we're talking about. Picture this: you make a stop by the beauty counter to replace your favorite mascara or grab a new tube of your standby shade of lipstick; then, you find yourself stumbling out in a daze an hour (or two) later, arms loaded with carrier bags. And for anyone who's even remotely acquainted with this brand of sudden onset-amnesia that's so unique to shopping for beauty products, we have a feeling you'll seriously freak for Kate Lee's beauty closet. What, you didn't know? Apparently they can totally be found beyond the fabled halls of your favorite magazines.

Welcoming us inside her Los Angeles home, Lee gave us a full tour of her pad, while filling us in on her career so far—and it turns out that Lee's expansive collection kind of comes with the territory. After all, she's painted the faces of everyone from Anne Hathaway to Rooney Mara and Keira Knightley, and just so happens to also have the title of CHANEL Celebrity Make-Up Artist. And Lee's nine-to-five is truly the gift that keeps on giving—namely, in the form of not only beauty products, but interlocking-C branded bags, too. Not bad, right?

And while it may seem on the outside as if Lee's life is all shimmery shadow quads and bottles of lacquer now, the make-up artist seriously hustled to get there. "My part time jobs to support myself during my education included working at Shu Uemura in Harvey Nichols and and a part-time job at Miss Selfridges on Oxford Street." After working with everyone from Rankin to Demarchelier, we think Lee is a more than adequate example of hard work actually paying off. We mean, if you require any further motivation, just keep Lee's drawers of CHANEL in mind, okay?