Amy Astley

Editor-in-Chief, Teen Vogue. New York

While we've been known to occasionally fangirl over an especially revered editor, it sort of takes things to an entirely new level when you find yourself in Amy Astley's pristine, Pinterest-ready offices over at Teen Vogue. You know, the same halls that we've been dreaming of walking down since we first began collecting our admittedly mammoth pile of the very magazine she spearheads?

Astley's office is almost exactly what you'd expect from an Editor-in-Chief—all white, light, and fresh peonies—but still with the same warmth and affability of the magazine she's helmed since its inception. Just take a look at that Chace Crawford portrait by Richard Phillips or her baby blue Yoshitomo Nara ashtray for proof. Greeting us wearing an alligator print ensemble from Reed Krakoff, Astley ushered us inside, walking us through the pieces she'd pulled from her personal collection, giving us the story behind each and every item: the velvety full-length Proenza dress to painterly prints from Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga to her affinity for Alaïa pumps and collection of Hermès and Céline cuffs.

Peeking out from her signature blonde, blunt bangs, Astley chatted with us as we buzzed about, talking everything from One Direction to the importance of internships and the personal responsibility she feels when it comes to mentoring the next wave of fashion editors. After all, you need look no further than the likes of Mary-Kate Steinmiller and Eva Chen for examples of editors that serve as testament to the powers of Astley's tutelage. Her words of wisdown? "My advice to anyone looking to make it in fashion is do your research, get in there and study!" Oh, and for the record? We still know handfuls of fashion industry hopefuls (and veterans!) who tote around their battered, dog-eared copies of the Teen Vogue Handbook. No kidding; we swear on our Manolo Blahniks...