Anne Catherine Frey

Stylist & Blogger. Paris

We have to admit—for a while, we had a "who is that girl?" thing going on with designer and blogger Anne-Catherine Frey. With her Anna Karinina-meets-tomboy style, Frey is kind of the gamine girl of our dreams. So... during our last trip to Paris for the CHANEL Couture show, we knew we had to get way deep in that wardrobe. Greeting us alongside her boyfriend (also a designer), Frey lead us into her adorable Parisian pad. Despite having a bit of a cold, Frey was more than ready to shoot as she showed us around and touring us through her closet.

With her spritely pixie crop, undercut, and cheekbones that could probably cut glass (and cause severe envy among the less fortunate), she's kind of a street style photog's dream; it only expounds her perpetual and popularity among the usual suspects blogs. Frey has this whole thing where she artfully mixes paired-down classics (button-downs, denim) with veritable street style bait and stands-outs (Kenzo knits, kaleidoscope-effect Givenchy tees and Renaissance-y Carven skirts.) Her design gig day job at The Kooples also (handily) means that her closet's become a home of sorts for plenty of one-off pieces that didn't quite make it into production.

Frey's also got a serious thing for offbeat accoutrements—from baby blue and slate grey Céline, pumpkin-hued Proenza and Givenchy clutches emblazoned with Madonna (the Catholic one, guys). But which designer takes the cake, so to speak? As if her regular writings on the man didn't made it transparent enough, her predilection for Nicolas Ghesquière's tenure at Balenciaga is kind of out of control. As for her favorite collection? The graphic teddy-boy proto-punk of SS/11—a.k.a the very season that birthed those boots (you know the ones). Suffice to say she wore a skirt from said collection for her portraits with Jake. What can we say? Girl's got good taste.