In The Kitchen with Athena Calderone

In the Country Kitchen with Belle by Sigerson Morrison’s fall collection.

In The Kitchen with Athena Calderone

It’s no secret that here at Coveteur we have two particular passions: fashion (duh!) and food. So when our friends over at Belle by Sigerson Morrison suggested a clashing of the two,—with a little help from the lovely Jill of all Trades, Athena Calderone—we jumped with grumbling tummies at the opportunity. Fast-forward a few weeks later and we found ourselves road trippin’ it to Calderone’s picture perfect hideaway in Amagansett, New York. Think: raw materials meets country log cabin and filled with hard/soft contrasting details like slate counter tops, reclaimed wood tables juxtaposed by a cosy white couch covered in Ikat printed pillows. Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

When we arrived, Calderone was busy doing her thing in the kitchen – chopping away at some peppercorn salami, fresh brussel sprouts, beets, squash and an assortment of greens. Talk about #spreadlife; this girl knows how to do it up. Admittedly, we had to fight the whole “So, when can we eat?” thing, while we perused Belle’s latest collection. Hey, you would have been battling the same complex if you saw and smelled the things coming out of that place; grape foccacia, wine-poached pears and, oh yeah, apple pie. We came, we saw, we styled and, truth be told, we may have picked at the spread a bit along the way… but how could you blame us? And like a true host, she sent each of us packing with a care package filled with leftovers from the day upon our departure. Like, does it really get any better than that?

Calderone’s décor mixed with Belle’s best for fall was easily—excuse the bad pun here—a recipe for success. They don’t call it food porn for nothing. In the words of Calderone: Eye swoon. Feast your eyes on this, kids!


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