Sylvia Mantella: Part Two

Director of Branding and Image, Mantella Corporation. Toronto

Let us preface this by saying if you haven't seen part one of Sylvia Mantella's enormous and expansive collectors dream closet, you might want to do that first. Once you're a little more familiar with Mantella (and her real-life rotating Cher Horowitz closet), let us preface this again by emphasizing that while, yes, we spend our 9-to-5 digging through some serious digs, closets like Mantella's are kind of an exception; not to mention, few and far between. Brace yourselves.

We made our way up the stairs where we were greeted by a frothy, one-of-a-kind Giambattista Valli couture gown in her bedroom. We finally found Mantella who was busy getting glam with a little help from her hair and make-up team. After catching up for a few minutes, Mantella shooed us into her closet, encouraging us to explore her new goodies. We were greeted by a rainbow of handbags: an orange Hermès, a yellow Céline, a bright-red turn-lock Tom Ford and plenty of rare CHANEL (read: a gold Lego bag, a Boy Bag covered in jewels and teensy red flowers, and even a mini hula-hoop bag.) "Wait 'til you guys see the big hula-hoop one downstairs! I tried carrying it in St. Tropez, but they're so heavy!" Mantella exclaimed.

But it's not all about the one-of-a-kind Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin. When she's not organizing events and fundraising for everything from Doctors Without Borders to the SickKids Foundation and ONEXONE, Mantella's out there saving the animal kingdom. In 2010, Sylvia and her husband created The Mantella Foundation - their non-profit private animal reserve, where the family and their team rescue and rehabilitate exotic animals on their estate in Florida. She's single-handedly nursed everything from two-toed baby sloths and Bengal tigers back to health; no big deal, right? (All while wearing 8-inch stilettos, we assume!)

After we Coveteur'd every crevice of her home, we chowed down (always living that #spreadlife) on artisan cupcakes, cheese and fruit platters Mantella had left for us. Wearing a Peter Pan-collared babydoll dress by Ava Adore and killer black-and-white Céline wedges, Mantella danced around her picturesque garden backyard, frolicking between the archways. "If it feels good to you and you love the way you look, then you're doing something right!" she told us. Amen to that, sister!