Robert Cavalli

Student & Son of Roberto and Eva Cavalli. Florence

“Do you want to see what I’m wearing tonight to the Luisa Via Roma party?” Robert Cavalli asked us upon finishing up a picturesque lunch on the terrace with Tina Craig and Amber Venz. We all nodded in excitement. He led us onto an elevator and up a short flight of stairs to his wing of the Cavalli (summer) homes and held up two options: a hand-painted white leather vest and a black studded leather jacket. “THAT one!” we all said in unison; clearly the vest won.

Allow us to back track for a second and explain how this all went down. Somewhere between wine in a Tuscan vineyard and a conversation about who-knows-what, we made a "lunch date." Fast-forward a few days later and we found ourselves being wined and dined – that spread was one for the books – at Roberto Cavalli’s Tuscan hideaway where his son (cue: Robert) kicks it on the weekends home from school in London. We had heard rumors of the famed abode – lots of leopard, religious statues, pop art lip-shaped couches, unicorns (!!!), Julian Schnabel paintings and luxe ornate detailing – and it turns out it was everything we had dreamed about… and more.

Cavalli (we’re talking about Robert here, stay with us!) has a quiet confidence and understated coolness about him. He’s got the Italian double air kiss thing down to a science and was totally laidback and calm amongst the chaos of two photoshoots (ours and one with the lovely Gary Pepper Girl, Nicole Warne) happening simultaneously at the villa. “The Cavalli man is more introspective; a fascinating gentleman with a strong personality permeated by a certain mystery,” he told us.

Before digging through his stash of neatly-arranged shoeboxes and fancy new Linda Farrow frames, we got acquainted with the newest member of the Cavalli family: his baby parrot. “My house has been a real zoo!” he said. Turns out they’ve had everything from cheetahs to tigers, lions, monkeys and more. “A dream for us as kids!”

And while Cavalli plans to follow in his famous father’s footsteps with a move to The Big Apple come fall, we’ll all just have to watch and see what comes of the wiz-kid’s journey.