Adam Glassman

Creative Director, O, The Oprah Magazine. New York

Anyone who starts a story, “And then I got a call from Oprah…” is without a doubt someone you should know.

Adam Glassman may look familiar (and when you hear that signature voice of his, we’re sure he sounds familiar, too.) As O’s right-hand-man at the helm of her magazine, he’s certainly acquired many of her inspirational mantras to live by and knows a thing or two about the best “anything” out there from making O’s coveted “Favorite Things” list with her every year. ”There isn’t a brownie, or cupcake or tea I haven’t tried out there!” he told us.

But Glassman is more than just a vivacious, well-dressed guy with a really organized closet, impeccable collection of photography and penchant for Nike Flyknits. When we arrived at his NYC pad, we were greeted with a fancy cheese and cracker plate – the man knows how to entertain – and treated to a bedtime-like story time scenario where Glassman walked us through the crazy trajectory of his life. Seriously, this guy needs a book… and you all need to read it. We gathered in his bedroom and tucked ourselves in as he won us over with his inspirational story to the top; the food and early morning coffee probably helped too, though. From his first internship at Donna Karan to shooting runway looks in Saint-Tropez to styling Maggie Smith (pre-Downtown Abbey, people!) to becoming the Fashion and Beauty Director of a Joan Collins-type magazine for “the woman who wasn’t born yesterday” to shooting ad campaigns with the GAP to working at SELF, House & Garden and O, Glassman’s life has been filled with many “full circle” moments as he puts it; many of which started with a “And then I got a call from…”

“All of my jobs have been very lucky. I just worked my ass off and started moving up. This is just how things have happened to me. I think if you put things out into the universe, it provides.”

And in hopes of gaining some of Glassman’s good luck and vibes, he sprayed us with some magical mist that O swears by before we left. We must admit, we’re still waiting for that big call, though…