Declan Chan

Stylist & Creative Consultant. Florence

You know how Tommy Ton kind of plays favorites when it comes to snapping the well-dressed men and women on the streets (uh, Miroslava, Anna Dello Russo, Anya Ziourova, Taylor Tomasi Hill et al.)? Yeah, you know what we mean. So you should be no stranger to Declan Chan then.

After working at the helm of Lane Crawford for the past seven years as the Creative Manager, – we know, he doesn’t look a day over 18 – Hong Kong-based Chan ventured out to work as a stylist, creative consultant and art director. “A lot of my work is to do with recruiting and commissioning talents for collaborations for brands. It’s always about finding the best collectives of people for the right brand and media,” he told us. “I am a ‘Creative Match-maker’ or a ‘Creative Pimp’ as I sometimes call myself.”

And for a guy who works with the best of the best in the biz, jetting around from Hong Kong to London to Florence (where we caught up with him) to Paris and back, you better believe he knows how to pack; super organized, albeit always last minute, he told us. When we popped by his hotel room during #Firenze4Ever, Chan had taken the liberty to neatly arrange all of his prized pieces based on his personal obsessions: paisley, lace, loafers and more. He’s also not afraid to openly carry a fanny pack, granted it’s Kenzo and he carries it as cross-body bag, but you know… it takes a certain man, right? He was also eager to show us his latest purchases from Browns: hand-embroidered Beastie Boys T-shirts, which Chan noted were “perfect for a club night without looking too trashy.” Cause, like, no one wants to end up on E! Fashion Police’s Street Walker list.

Plus, we love a guy who’s not afraid to get in touch with his, uh, "feminine side". “I am kind of known for mixing womenswear into my wardrobe, and I'm always teased by my friends,” he confessed. But we must say, the way he styles it, we wouldn’t think twice whether or not he found said piece in the men’s or women's department…