Lubov Azria

Owner and Chief Creative Officer of BCBG Max Azria Group. Los Angeles

Lubov Azria is arguably one of the busiest working mom’s (of five girls, nonetheless!) that we are fortunate to know. So you got to cut her some slack when she admits that she can barely remember what she had for dinner the previous day.

Azria, the better half of Max Azria (the man behind BCBGMAXAZRIA and Hervé Leger, duh!) managed to squeeze in some time for us kids from Canada amidst her morning chaos. After her 6:15am regular morning wake-up call, Azria hits the gym, chows down on some breakfast and heads to the office. We arrived at her Gatsby-like grand abode bright and early. After taking in a lengthy tour of their extensive, yet breathtaking grounds (imagine: perfectly maintained organic gardens, lush greenery, zen meditation areas, a greenhouse, Max’s private guest house-turned-office complete with a movie theatre and gaming room), it was straight to the closet.

Her walk-in dressing room is immaculately organized and even has a special space reserved for Hervé Leger only. “When it came to designing my closet, it was all about the environment I wanted to create,” she said. “With five daughters, I knew my closet would become a common hang-out spot.” And if we were her children, we’d raid that closet regularly; the girl has more BCBG and Hervé than a stand-alone store and a sea of shoes with an emphasis on Valentino’s Rockstuds (she’s got 12 – count ‘em! – pairs!)

But it’s the Azria home itself that is the real topic of conversation. She teamed up with the interior designer of their retail stores to create a colorful, kaleidoscope space, which is filled with dreamy sculptures of horses, cows, rhinos, sheeps, hippos, rabbits, fruits and vegetables. “There’s a global influence from all of our travel combined with an old Hollywood Regency feel, but what really makes a home are all the fun whimsical elements and a sense of humor. Who wants to feel serious in their home? Why not dwell in a world marked by creativity, imagination, and personal style, with many unexpected, pleasurable visual encounters thrown in for good measure?” Amen to that, Azria!