Joy Bryant

Actor. Los Angeles

“When I find something that I like, I will wear it into the ground,” Joy Bryant confessed to us.

We, like Bryant, stand by a mentality that when you find something good, you keep it for a long time… even if, you know, fashion says it’s not “a thing” anymore. That being said, don’t expect us to be busting out our velour sweatsuits with “CUTIE” plastered across the bottom anytime soon; admit it, you probably rocked a pair of those at one point, too. (Fact: Kaley Cuoco did.) In 2000-and-something that would have been our definition of something good… clearly (and thankfully!) things have changed. For Bryant, there’s one thing in particular that has staying power, though: Camouflage. “I might go a little overboard with it, but at least I'm consistent!” she joked.

Bryant’s home and personal aesthetic fittingly matches her laidback California vibe, which should come as a shock for a girl born-and-bred in Brooklyn, N.Y.C. Clad in a floral Tucker jumper, the model-turned-actress (along with her handsome husband) greeted us and ELLE Magazine with a cheese plate before showing us her whimsical goods. Her bohemian-inspired digs was filled with ethnic-printed pillows, rustic furniture and raw decorative accents, which played backdrop to Bryant’s vintage bag and jewelry collection. Turns out the Parenthood star is also a pro when it comes to scouring for second-hand finds.

“A little patience goes a long way when you're on the hunt,” Bryant advised. Her secret spot where you might find her on, say, a Sunday? The Rose Bowl Flea Market. Just look for the girl in the flowy, hippy dress and fringed, Coachella-proof handbag.

Amongst her bohemian offerings, were a few, uh, unexpected surprises: A rare camo Dior bag, a selection of Nixon watches and an army of worn-in band Tees that we styled together like a pack of groupies.

And when it came to having her picture taken, Bryant’s model background certainly made Jake’s job easy. Before we could say, “That’s a wrap,” Bryant busted out a bottle of wine for us to drink in her picturesque backyard. Because, seriously, what goes better with cheese than a fine wine?