Chiara Ferragni: Part Two

Blogger, The Blonde Salad. Milan

It’s difficult to pin down the girl who always seems to be globetrotting. Every week it’s somewhere new: #TheBlondeSaladGoesToHollywood… #TheBlondeSaladGoesToNewYork… #TheBlondeSaladGoesToMexico… #TheBlondeSaladGoesToTheMoon (okay, not so much; you get the point, right?) So you can imagine our surprise when we shot a last minute email to The Blonde Salad, herself, Chiara Ferragni letting her know we were in her hometown of Milan on #TheCoveTourDeEurope (apparently we’re world travelers, too!).

“In Milan… for a few days!” the subject line read.

Minutes later, Ferragni replied. “Darling, tomorrow is perfect… It’s a bit messy, but… I can’t wait to see you!”

So let us first just say that it was unbelievably clean; not a spec of dust in sight! And, we should note, that she and her lovely boyfriend had just moved in. After catching up with her in N.Y.C. during fashion week, we already knew that there was plenty more treasures where that came from. When she revealed her closet to us, we stood there in silence with our jaws and eyes wide open: shoes, shoes, and more shoes, a sea of sunnies and collection of snapbacks fit for the World Series. Things got a little, uh, surreal when Ferragni busted out her leather Dominic Jones gloves with a gold manicure and Alberto Guardiani’s signature red lipstick heel.

We got well acquainted with her furry friend, Matilda who is a natural model much like her mommy. Everyone knows the ultimate dress-up doll is Barbie, but Barbie’s got nothing on Ferragni. We head out to the balcony, tossed off the Loubs and laid Ferragni on the grass in nothing but a pair of jean cut-offs, shaggy hot pink jacket and sparkly bubble gum-colored frames. (Let’s just say there was a little bit of skin showing!) Matilda clearly wasn’t okay with the spotlight being stolen from her so she totally photobombed most of the shoot; it’s a dog’s world, we’re just living in it. As the sun set, we switched things up to a pair of leopard skinnies and Markus Lupfer lip print pullover complete with a vintage CHANEL briefcase. From there we went all Terrywood in a Terry Richardson-faced varsity jacket, sports bra, camo, sunglasses and oversized shades. Yes, it’s true; she wears her sunglasses at night. (Apologies if that song is now stuck in your head!)