Tina Craig

Co-Founder, Snob Global Media. Paris

Who would of thought a series of 20-minute long voicemail messages about wishful purse purchases to her college bestie-turned-business partner would have turned into a successful blog, a bag collection for DKNY and the front page of WWD? While you scratch your head and ponder that, let us give you some background. Tina Craig a.k.a. Bag Snob has an unapologetic love for, well, handbags. Rewind back eight years or so and Tina found herself married with kids and a fashion/entertainment career long behind her. (Fun fact: She was a VJ on MTV Asia!)

“We had been crazy about bags since college, even buying each other Prada bags on our parents’ credit cards under the pretense they were ‘gifts.’” As for the creation of the blog? “This was a way for us to entertain ourselves while our babies napped. It was simply a conversation between us about bags we loved or hated.” See, you never know where your path may take you!

We caught up with Craig during Paris Fashion Week at her chic apartment and she somehow managed to fit us into her crazy schedule between shows. She bolted from Balmain, getting caught in traffic on the way; needless to say we were stuck in traffic, too, so it felt very much like The CoveTour de France. And though she’s based in Dallas, this Snob spared no expense when it came to properly packing for this trip: Rare Birkins, red Birkins, pink Birkins, croc Birkins—did we mention Birkins?—McQueen, Valentino, Marchesa, Céline, and, of course, her “bag of the year” (the yellow checkered LV) among others.

“No matter where I go, I pack at least five essential bags with me, even on weekend trips. (I don’t believe in traveling lightly!)” Craig confessed. “For Fashion Week, I pack at least ten bags as I like changing it up daily.”

Craig had spent the previous night wining and dining a little past her regular bedtime with Cov-alum Logan Horne, but we wouldn’t have guess based on her skin: flawless, bag-free without a trace of Fashion Week “residue.” Blame it on her “7-10 step beauty regime!”