The Beckerman Sisters

Bloggers; Designers. Toronto

Take it from us—a day with the Beckerman’s calls for a crash course in all things prints, Pomeranians and Prada. Fill up on caffeine first; they’re basically energizer bunnies in Proenza. We arrived in the morning to a full breakfast spread of bagels with cream cheese (plus gingerbread cookies!), and were hosted by the entire Beckerman clan, including mom and dad. We got acquainted with their adorable Poms, Marni and Cubby (a Boo lookalike) before diving in… Prada first!

It's obvious that Samantha and Caillianne - the designers-turned-bloggers behind BeckermanBitePlate- live and breathe fashion; they're passionate proponents of contemporary designers like the Proenza Schouler boys and Christopher Kane, and track down the statement pieces of each season with archivist-like fervor. The Beckerman girls truly appreciate a luxe label –much like fellow Canadian collector & Cov-alum, Suzanne Rogers. They know every detail down to the exact season of when each piece arrived on the runway and when it became property of their closets. Their pups are equally as obsessed; they practically live in the sisters’ Balenciaga bags. We kid you not. Plus, they love to ham it up for impromptu Instagram photo shoots.

It turned out their closets (yes, they regularly share clothes) was only the tip of the iceberg. They then took us down to the basement to visit the rest of it: a vintage collection they've amassed throughout the years. We were greeted with racks on racks of incredible collectible pieces. The sisters took us through each and every piece of their costume department-like assortment, sharing each item's story—like the oversized Margiela pea coat the girls remember buying as tweens from the house’s early collection. Oh, and the secret to scoring the best stuff? Befriending the vendors at the flea market. They also regularly trawl eBay and YOOX, where they found their fuzzy Prada sweater and denim Isabel Marant trainers. When it comes to giving their clothing a little TLC, the Beckermans spare no expense. "Our electrician had to re-wire our CHANEL light bulb shoes when the light bulb died in them!" Now that is dedication.