Tara Swennen

Stylist. Los Angeles

The mastermind behind Kristen Stewart’s style? Direct your applause at her stylist Tara Swennen.

Rushing from a previous meeting, we found ourselves welcomed into a total family affair at Swennen's cool, quaint Studio City home. As we became acquainted with the in-laws and her husband, she filled us in on how insanely busy she'd been—she'd just wrapped prepping K. Stew for the Twilight premiere, completed renovating her home, and doing it all while raising her newborn.

“She’s pretty much a supermom,” Stephanie declared as we headed out the door.

“She’s pretty much superhuman,” Erin joked.

Swennen was totally candid with us, regaling us with stories from the styling battlefield as we explored her home. (As if we’re about to spill the beans on that stuff!) We were totally blown away with the aesthetic of her abode: a combo of offbeat and elegant, with warm and welcoming personal touches scattered throughout. Given her day job, we were hardly surprised to see that Swennen had transformed her home's spare bedroom into a walk-in closet.

Steph led the way up the stairs. “Oh… My…”

“God!” screamed Erin from behind. (We have a way with finishing each other’s sentences.)

And there it was. An entire wall of Jimmy Choo shoe boxes with Polaroids taped on the front. “My shoebox filing system comes from the help of another Coveteur: Sara Riff from Jimmy Choo,” Swennen told us. “She agreed to pass along any unused boxes of hers to match my pink room. She's given me some shoes to fill them, as well!” Having friends in high places is nice, non?

The conversation naturally turned back to her career, clients, and the girls she's worked with—and yes, a certain someone who is just as tricky to get out of Converse and into heels as you would imagine.