Susan Cernek

Fashion Development Director, Glamour. New York

Born and raised in New Hampshire (as she puts it, the “live free or die” state), Susan Cernek has always been influenced by fashion and its historical traces. She interned at the Met during the Jackie Kennedy exhibition, wrote her art history thesis on Tom Ford and the Gucci advertising of the mid 90s, and jumped into the editorial world where she acted as an assistant to the fashion director at ELLE. Since 2008, she jumped mastheads and now helms the title of Glamour’s executive online editor of fashion & beauty, where she oversees their daily cutting edge content. A lover of all things ‘nautical’ (“My husband and I are obsessed with all things nautical—it started when we were in the process of tying the knot and continued during our honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast”), but recently, she’s gone for a new spin on her sartorial choices. “Lately I’ve been dressing like an ‘80s or ‘90s soccer mom from Greenwich or Bel Air” states Cernek, including “elbow-pad blazers, roomy button-downs, Timex watches, ripped skinny jeans, muted palettes and lots and lots of Coach”. She’s a resident of the East Village where she lives with her husband, and as she puts it “he hoards books and I hoard shoes.” Seems like a fair trade.