Monica Rose

Celebrity Stylist. Los Angeles

She’s known as one of Hollywood's most respected stylists, and Monica Rose has spent the last eight years dressing up and shaping the style of some serious high profile celebrities across the globe. She spearheaded the transformation of Kim Kardashian into one of pop culture’s most recognized style influences, and while doing so, Rose began to define her look and aesthetic: signature sexiness. Her LA home was adorned with some of the sickest Chanel rarities we’ve seen – including the winter white fringed perforated tote. She’s got studs and color galore in her wardrobe, but after making a mishap with a bone suede PS1 bag (it’s now too dirty to clean), her rule of thumb is simple: stick to black ladies. But her biggest score to date must be her boyfriend, especially when it comes to delicate accessories. “All of these vintage bracelets were given to me by my boyfriend, Sal. He likes to go to estate sales and find rare sterling silver and turquoise pieces for me. He'll come home with bags of jewelry for me to go through”. Hmmm. What are we doing wrong? But with all her designer goods and vintage finds, sometimes even her own belongings are hard to locate. “My clients’ closets are so organized and meticulous! Their neatness inspired me to recently hire an organizer to help get my office and closet in order. I can finally find things!” Amen sister!