Matthew Marden

Fashion Director, Details Magazine. New York

Let’s get something straight: our Coveteurs didn’t get to the top of ladder the easy way, and they picked up a few tricks along the way. Take Vogue’s beauty director Sarah Brown, whose immaculate T-shirt organization techniques came from working at The Gap throughout her teenage years (well, that and her OCD, she told us). As for Details Magazine's Matthew Marden? “I spent a summer working at a Calvin Klein outlet in Kittery, Maine, during college. That's where I learned the art of the fold,” he confessed.

Our man of the hour made the move to N.Y.C. from New Hampshire way back when.

You can take the boy out of New England, but you definitely can’t take him out of a pair of white pants. “I’m obsessed. I want people to know it’s okay to wear them all year long,” Marden said...and this was in mid-winter, mind you!

Marden welcomed us into his homey abode, which he shares with his handsome beau, (and fellow masthead topper) Bobby Graham. And we knew instantly this was a guy with an appreciation for art. Turns out Marden started his career at the Staley-Wise Gallery. One thing led to another, and we quickly got to chatting about memorable Details cover shoots: the good, the bad, the ugly…and, no, we can’t spill that info. Sorry! But Marden will share this: “The trickiest part is getting the subject to wear what we need them to wear…We are always happy with the end product, but getting there can sometimes be a nightmare.”

Post-shoot, we couldn’t help but have a petite pow-wow and pick his brain. And for those of you looking to break in to the industry, Marden offers this piece of advice: “Be willing to start at the bottom. Lose the sense of entitlement. It’s not all glamour; be prepared to work hard and always think a step ahead. Take the time to learn the industry and know the history of the business. Context is everything. Be nice; no one likes a dick.”