Marina Larroude

Market Director; New York

You can thank Marina Larroudé—the market director for—for all the insane accessories and ready-to-wear products featured on the biblical fashion site. Larroudé grew up in the Brazilian cities of Araçatuba and São Paulo, where she started her career as a contributing editor for Vogue Brazil. Her coveted closet collection has been a work in progress for a long time, boasting treasures from around the world, along with a slew of pieces passed down from her mother. As we learned from our “The Little Black Jacket” collab with CHANEL on Monday, Larroudé’s classic 2.55 in white patent was 'borrowed' from her mother for her honeymoon—and almost a decade later it has yet to be returned. (Sorry for letting the cat out of the bag.) That being said, it looks like Larroudé’s lovely little daughter Gloria is set to inherit some of her mommy’s best Manolos, Loubs and—of course—CHANEL. Larroudé has a special knack for colour and prints—but hey, after scouring the markets since 2006, you’ve got to have that stuff down to a science. She has an impeccable eye for the unique, but she's really drawn to a "single sole, which is beautifully made." Her go-to brands? Gianvito Rossi, Manolo, Céline and Roger Vivier. Our time with Larroudé was spent getting insider secrets: she dished out her beauty must-haves (Larroudé swears by Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation) and her holiday escapes to her hometown, where she visits every year at Christmas-time. But what we were most intrigued about was her organizational skills: Larroudé has a serious passion for organization, which lends to her keen sense of style. "I'm OCD when it comes to my closet," she confessed to us. "Pretty much every Saturday I re-order things back into place." Some people spend Saturdays sleeping in, and some spend them keeping their closet each their own, right?