Lori Levine

Founder, Flying Television. New York

Remember how you felt the first time you watched Clueless and saw Cher Horowitz’s rotating closet? Now imagine how we felt when we saw it (okay, something very similar!) in the flesh.

When we popped by Lori Levine’s pad in Union Square, we could never have predicted the surprises we would encounter. On the outside, Levine’s home boasts a traditional N.Y.C. walk-up with a picturesque stoop, but on the inside it’s a whole other story. Upon entering her museum-like living space, we were greeted with works of art by everyone from Banksy to KAWS to Shepard Fairey and Jeff Koons.

After browsing the wall of fame, Levine took us up her spiral staircase to her newly-renovated closet—although we think “shoe-seum” is more apt of a descriptor. With a little help from her friend Kim Gieske (and the hunky guys on that new show, BUILT), Levine’s place got a total overhaul complete with a custom-built shoe carousel and racks outfitted with hydraulic lifts. (Way to one up Cher!) And with a shoe collection like this, it’s only fitting that each pair is highlighted front-and-centre to be seen.

When it comes to collecting, art may take a close second to Levine’s CHANEL. She practically prays at the alter of Uncle Karl daily. No, seriously, though; she had street artist, Skullphone, make her a limited-edition CHANEL cross installation. “He said, ‘I will make you a deal. I will make one, and only one, for you.' It took him six months, because it is such a painstaking process. It had to be driven across country, and is painted with this resin that can’t be touched by the human hand.”

But her dedication to CHANEL doesn’t end there: Levine’s collection of bags was some of the rarest we’ve ever seen. In fact, she even acquired that mini work of art we first saw up close-and-personal at the Paris-Bombay Metiers D’Art show.

The most artful, awe-inspiring piece in her whole collection, though? A one-of-a-kind orange Hermès Birkin, which artist Nicolas Forker doodled on with a Sharpie. Now that is one for a museum.