Laurel Pantin

Associate Accessories & Shopping Editor; Glamour. New York

“If I go out and someone wonders, ‘WTF is that creepy little boy doing at the tents and where is his mom?’ then I done good,” Glamour’s Laurel Pantin told us.

It's hard to be creeped out by Pantin. In fact, upon seeing her in the flesh, her striking pale dewy skin, giant doe eyes and bleached blonde pixie cut (she dyes it herself!) is more likely to take your breath away than send you running in the opposite direction. Pantin’s striking tomboy-meets-Edie Sedgwick look captivated our hearts long ago and getting to hang with the girl, while double fisting post-work beers, made it all too good to be true. But don’t expect her to agree; she’s way too humble.

“I’m not sure at what point anyone decided I have an admirable sense of style because I literally wear jeans and a white turtleneck every single day. But I’ll take it!” she said.

Pantin’s all about the all-white-everything look; she wears white better than most people...and let’s be honest, that’s no easy feat! And though the girl definitely loves a good sparkle (her closet is filled with shimmery pants, shiny bags, clutches, shoes, you name it), she says her style is more “hillbilly" "construction-worker."

We popped open a few beers—hey, it was happy hour!—and got down to digging through her goods. In true N.Y.C. form, Pantin utilized all the space of her new place to the fullest, transforming her foyer into a walk-in filled with rows upon rows of shoes, shoes and more shoes. We got to chatting about her “redneck” roots from Texas, her love for Americana anything and, of course, her not-so-secret love for Dolly Parton (“I love that she’s exactly who she wants to be. She’s a total freak and a weirdo and she’s so positive and so excited to be that for everyone. She’s an angel!”)

And for the record, Pantin never expected her “9 to 5” (see what we did there?) to include running to appointments and shows. “I had no idea ever that I’d end up in fashion. I never thought I was cool enough for a ‘cool girl’ job. At a certain point I had to try and get over my insecurities and just ask for the job I wanted—as soon as I did that I got it. So I was lucky!” Her advice for others? “Don’t be a jerk or a bonehead and you’ll probably be fine.”