Kiernan Shipka

Actor. Los Angeles

There’s a first for everything, and today, The Coveteur is proud to announce that Kiernan Shipka, Mad Men’s Sally Draper, graciously let us play voyeurs into her Los Angeles abode. And as another first, she's the youngest subject to be Coveteured. Like the elegant lady that she already is (we can’t wait to see the progress her career will take in ten years), Shipka danced on pointe, showed us her feminine frocks, and wooed us with stories about our favorite advertising agency from the 1950’s. An organizational girlie girl by habit, Shipka’s closet is artfully arranged by clothing type…and by season. “I love organization, so I split my clothes into two closets according to seasons. Though I have to go to the guestroom to pull my fall and winter items, it’s still much easier than cramming all my clothes together in my one closet. I love ‘space’ in between hanging clothes’". All this at only eleven years old! And we couldn’t think of a better face to unofficially represent Portugal-based designer Papo d’Anjo – she’s the perfect fit due to her demure femininity.
Quite frankly, we’ve never been faced with a pre-teen who we admire so diligently for her drive, determination...and already unprecedented success. Her collection of dresses are only complimented by her collection of anything that’s adorned with a Peter Pan collar, but it’s her exceptionally talented ballet skills that really made our jaws drop. “I love ballet. It has its own vocabulary. I feel as if I am in a different world when I am in the ballet studio”. She’s a guitar playing aficionado, and designer-in-the-making (one look at her raw silk taffeta hand-made creation and you will whole heartedly agree). A Gilt Groupe shopper (aren’t we all?), our favorite little superstar has a slew of SAG Awards under her belt, a mouth-watering vintage collection, taekwondo moves that make us shutter (she’s got her eyes set on her black belt), and like us, a list of must-haves that she can’t live without. “I can't live without my dogs, Cole Haan boots, Mason Pearson hairbrush, headbands, and computer!”. Minimal variations to her list – and we are totally in synch. Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Ms. Sally Draper.