Kelly Sawyer

Creative Director, Satine Private Label. Los Angeles

London-born, but Canadian-bred Kelly Sawyer definitely still has the “niceness of the North” in her blood. The model-turned-mommy grew up in Vancouver and although she spent years living in Paris, Milan and NYC before settling in LA, she remains to be a true Canadian at heart. Sawyer greeted us with green salads from Hugo’s before indulging us with her Isabel Marant collection. While her husband, Jamie Patricof (the producer of Blue Valentine and The Rachel Zoe Project) was at work and her two little girls were at school, Sawyer took us on a trip down memory lane through her closet. Her bungalow in Hollywood has that classic California vibe complete with a quaint guesthouse in the back. In fact, it’s where all her friends crash after they break-up with their boyfriends. Sawyer was kind enough to offer us permanent residence in her backyard abode, an offer we will be sure to take her up on next time we get dumped. Since leaving her modeling career behind, Sawyer has moved on to become the Creative Director of Satine’s private label, the trendy L.A. boutique headed up by fellow Coveteur, Jeannie Lee. And amongst her mommy and design duties, Sawyer is also the co-president of Baby2Baby, a non-profit that benefits underprivileged children. Although her home is a little girl’s playpen, we were in awe by the seamless fusion of grown-up sophistication – Rauschenberg artwork, navy velvet curtains and a claw-foot tub. As for her closet, aside from the massive amounts of Marant, it’s packed with stuff from her friends: bangles from her bestie Nicole Richie’s line, House of Harlow 1960, leather jackets from her children’s godmother and Cov-fave, Katie Nehra of Simone and even some “permanently-borrowed” pieces from Rachel Zoe. (Sorry, Sawyer. Secret’s out!)