Karla Welch

Stylist. Los Angeles

We've been longtime fans of Karla Welch's personal style and work. She's one half of bi-coastal star styling team (and fellow Canadians) Kemal & Karla, dressing names like Michelle Williams, Lily Collins, Zooey Deschanel, Hailee Steinfeld – hello face of Miu Miu! – and Olivia Wilde (who she lovingly refers to as her 'girls').

She greeted us returning from the pool with her daughter, Clementine, mussing her hair into a pompadour and cooking dinner with her fam as we shot. While we usually obsess over our Cov's accessories, Welch's day job has created an archive-like closet of special pieces. “God, for someone who wears a lot of solids, I have a lot of prints!” Welch noted as we pulled each prized piece from her closet. Her wardrobe is a museum of “look but don’t touch” garments that come straight off the runway or racks and straight into the hands of Welch… or, quite often, one of clients. “Oh, my beautiful, vintage Oscar de la Renta,” Welch mused as we picked up a floral number. “I bought this dress from The Way We Wore in Los Angeles to wear to couture. I was with my ‘favourite girl’ and she loved it so much that, of course, I let her wear it. Always the stylist!” she joked.

We gushed over the modern décor and indoor/outdoor vibe of her home and snapped our last shots while the sun was setting—adorning a tree in her yard with whimsical dresses from Erdem's first collection (I've actually promised it to Erdem because it's the one dress he doesn't have archived,”) and Rodarte (“I try to buy a Rodarte piece each season…. on sale.”)