Jerome Dreyfuss

Designer. Paris

Jerome Dreyfuss is a design genius, whose career spans almost 15 years in the making. Over that time, he’s won numerous awards, including the “Venus de la Mode” and ANDAM, designed a costume for the King of Pop, Mr. Michael Jackson, opened stores in Paris and New York, tied the knot with a little-known designer by the name of Isabel Marant and recently found time to launch a men’s line, “Monsieur Dreyfuss.” Since launching his namesake line in 1998 during Paris fashion week, Dreyfuss’ accessory line has grown into a cult-favourite brand, which caters to the likes of the uptown/downtown crowd. His handbags are irresistibly good… As is his dot com, where his E-shop turns into a comedic and addicting fun shopping experience. You’ll want to turn your computer’s volume up for this one! Although you can buy J.D.’s bags in his standalone stores, we’d much rather listen to a little French boy exuberantly scream the bag’s name than hear to a sales girl try to sell us her personal fave. However, going to his Paris store is an excuse to pop into his next door neighbour's space, our home-away-from-home: the Isabel Marant retail shop. Each one of Dreyfuss' bag is showcased like a profile; from it’s name to it’s best qualities (“My +” as they call it) to it’s hobbies, you can really get a sense of each purse’s function and how it fits your lifestyle. And his technicolour collection of handbags has all the bells and whistles. Monsieur Dreyfuss’ eye for detail has certainly found it’s way into his own closet. With a heavy selection of Margiela and CDG, this industry-veteran has acquired an eclectic mix of pieces over the years. His largest stash of closet goods? A massive pile of vintage tees. His oldest and most prized Nike tee is almost older than his son – but don’t think he’s giving it up anytime soon. In fact, he still wears it to all of his important meetings. Like the California-inspired interior of his home, which is filled with pieces from the 60s and 70s, there’s one thing that remains true: Everything gets better with age… including, Monsieur Dreyfuss.