Jane Larkworthy

Beauty Director, W Magazine. New York

It turns out that word travels, fast. Just as she was putting the finishing touches on her signature garlic garbanzo beans, we showed up at veteran beauty editor Jane Larkworthy's Manhattan apartment. Being ushered in by Larkworthy, red velvet Clarins cupcakes in hand, we had to wonder what we'd done to deserve such a feast. Larkworthy told us how as a longtime admirer (the feeling is more than mutual), as well as an acquaintance of a handful of our Cov-alums (including colleague Karla Martinez), she'd heard that our crew rolls with quite the, um, appetite. Despite the time crunch (Larkworthy was due to head off to the Marc Jacobs show right after our shoot), we had a quick bite with the editor before getting down to business.

As W's beauty director, Larkworthy oversees all of the magazine's beauty content. But despite her day job, don't expect the editor to fawn over the latest eye cream or red lipstick. Eager to dig through the editor's beauty cabinet, we were slightly shocked when Larkworthy revealed that she sticks to a regime of tried-and-true products. And after considering the guinea pig nature of her nine-to-five, it totally makes sense. Larkworthy put it best, saying, "Seriously, how can you pick favorites when new cool stuff comes along every day?" While Larkworthy may not fall for the hype when it comes to skincare and cosmetics, we couldn't help but gawk over her next-level DIY manicure, as well as her extensive fragrance collection. Fun fact: Larkworthy never gets her nails done... and "Jin Soon Choi will confirm," she told us. "This look here is DIY: OPI’s When Monkeys Fly applied over Nars Storm Bird. So easy."

After we swooned over her color-coordinated bookshelf, it was onto the closet. Larkworthy swears she was a vintage dealer in another life, and her wardrobe serves as proof, filled with one-of-a-kind designer vintage. After wearing almost exclusively vintage, the editor explained how, "That wore itself out, literally and figuratively—so now I only wear the occasional vintage piece, like the green YSL cape or the Pucci gown." And believe us—when Larkworthy swears that something works, it works.

PS. For the mutually beauty and W obsessed, did we mention the mag's annual beauty issue (featuring plenty of signature Larkworthy made-magic!) hits shelves next month?