J. Colby Smith

Piercer, New York Adorned. New York

Everybody’s got a bit of a badass side, right? Or at least we all did once upon a time. Admit it, you listened to Good Charlotte and/or Avril Lavigne then dyed your tips pink for Battle of the Bands. (Okay, maybe that was just us…) Anyways, now that we’re all grown-up and stuff, we seemed to be rebelling against the no-tattoos-or-piercings-for you rule set by our protective parents.

Getting pierced by J. Colby Smith is kind of like using a credit card...once you start, you can’t stop. It seems each trip we make to N.Y.C. turns into a “what should I pierce next?”-a-thon and a subsequent stop at NY Adorned for a visit to Mr. Smith. Maybe it’s his quiet confidence or his way of making you feel so completely at ease when there’s clearly a needle chilling in your ear, but we just can’t help but find a way back into his hands. After about the second (or maybe it was the third?) visit, Smith agreed it was time for a trip to his personal digs so we could work on our magic on him.

We found ourselves at his place bright and early and were welcomed with that familiar warm grim and scruff. Apparently him and Jake had planned outfits that day, too: each in a chambray button down and skinny dark denim. When we spied his in-house piercing table, we contemplated doing more damage decoration to our lobes, but heard the shrill sound of our mothers' voices in our head and quickly decided against it. Smith threw a pot of coffee on and we quickly got to chatting about his foray into the industry, his “road map” of tattoos, his connection to the number “108” and living the vegan life since ’95.

“The only thing I’ve ever really missed was blue cheese dressing, but it’s a small price to pay for my clear conscience,” he told us. “It’s important to be good to your body; after all, we are what we eat.” As for his guilty pleasures? “I can’t resist a ‘cheesecake’ by Vegan Treats, a cupcake from Babycakes or a doughnut from Dun-Well Doughnuts.”