Estee Stanley

Celebrity Stylist. Los Angeles

We’re bringing you inside the Los Angeles home and spectacular closet of someone who not only inspires us daily, but is hands down one of the females who, unbeknownst to her, propelled us to pursue our careers in fashion. Estee Stanley, the celebrated top-notch stylist and interior designer has been dressing some of our style icons for the last fifteen years. With an aesthetic that can’t be pinpointed (she’s far from cookie-cutter), Stanley is the woman at the helm of the stylistic dress choices of everyone from Ashley Olsen to Penelope Cruz to Jessica Biel to Lea Michele. And as always, when they are in Stanley’s hands, they look nothing short of perfection. But when it comes to her two fashion loves – Fendi and Manolo Blahnik take the prize (she even has her Manolo’s customized). In fact, her obsessive relationship with Fendi began in Rome when she was twenty-three – and it was love at first sight. And clearly, judging from our gallery, the relationship has only intensified throughout the years. We share a mutual love for Erdem (“Erdem is one of the most creative and nicest humans I’ve ever met. His mixture of colors are so mesmerizing. That he can turn them into beautiful things we can wear is perfection” states Stanley) and we’ve always been obsessed with her clothing line Miss Davenporte, which she created alongside Cristina Ehrlich. So today, to honor one of fashion’s greatest talents, as well as one of our inspirations, we are both pleased and delighted to present you with a feast for your eyes – the home and closet, (which she designed herself) of the one and only Estee Stanley.