Christie Smythe and Andrea Lenczner

Designers, Smythe. Toronto

Doesn’t it always seem that power chick duos come as a blonde/brunette package? Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power, Emily Current and Meritt Elliot, uh…us? Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe are another duo to add to that list. Meet the brains behind the luxe (and Canadian!) womenswear line, Smythe. (You may remember the moniker as the blazer Kate Middleton wore during her trip to Canada last summer.) It’s no secret that we love a Canadian success story. In fact, both ladies played mentor to Erin when she joined them at The Globe Showroom—Jeffrey Cayer reps them, too! (Look for the EKI guest appearance in Andrea’s closet below!) Christie and Andrea are the perfect ying to the other’s yang. It’s amazing how different yet complimentary they are: Andrea’s home is very minimal, modern and futuristic, while Christie’s is more contemporary, cozy and homey. But for two girls with opposite aesthetics in interiors, they seem to fuse their visions together perfectly when it comes to the clothing. In fact, they share a shoe size, which comes in handy when they’re making tough purchases. “Christie and I couldn’t decide between the open and closed-toe version of this perfect stiletto [by Alexander Wang], so we got both and share them!” Andrea told us. And sometimes Christie’s things seem to uh, magically walk-off into Andrea’s closet. “This jet beaded tie necklace was an amazing gift from my mother-in-law…I have to watch out that Andrea doesn’t steal it—she loves it too.” Even their kids have great style. We couldn’t resist peeping Christie's little girl—Coco's—closet, and completely lost it when we found her Stella McCartney jacket. "Coco loves wearing blazers, too—it must be genetic,” Christie joked. We spent the rest of the afternoon swapping stories and getting the secret scoop on their strategic plan to get Kate Middleton in their jacket. (Sorry! Our lips are sealed.)