Ashley Tisdale

Actor. Los Angeles

We feel like we watched Ashley Tisdale grow up before our eyes; not in a Michelle Tanner kind of way, of course—but you know what we mean. Although her Disney days are far behind her, Tisdale has certainly moved on to more mature roles and commendable endeavors. While Sharpay lives on as her persona of the past (R.I.P. HSM), Tisdale has since added recording artist and producer to her resumé. She’ll even be starring in a couple upcoming episodes of Sons of Anarchy and taking the lead in Scary Movie 5 (bye bye Anna Farris!), so clear off your calendars now. Tisdale may have grown-up, but it's obvious her style has evolved, as well. When we arrived at Tisdale’s pad, she gave us the grand tour around the home her father had built from the ground up, including her enviable screening room. And we can strongly attest that no detail was overlooked—especially when it came to Tisdale’s massive wardrobe, which could only be properly displayed among multiple walk-in closets. You’d probably be most surprised by her Nike kicks collection; for a girl who loves a good Loub, Tisdale’s got a serious stash of sneakers. From the Louis Vuitton trunks-turned-coffee tables (“the first piece of furniture I bought for my place; my mom had come up with the idea,” she told us) to her cool entourage of cars, Tisdale certainly surprised us with her sophisticated taste and admirable aesthetic. But we’ll let you see for yourself.