Annie Ladino

Fashion Stylist; Consultant, Astrologer. New York

When you’ve put in the time as Joe Zee’s assistant (Creative Director at ELLE Magazine), and you’ve proven yourself by assisting on over 30 cover shoots, you’re destined for good things. New York-based stylist, editor, and Chief Stylist for “Shop It To Me,” Ladino shifted her focus from advertising to fashion while she was a student at FIT, and since then, she’s built up quite the résumé, repertoire, and reputation for her wicked eye. She’s worked with ladies like Julia Roberts, Becki Newton, Alexis Bledel, and Brooklyn Decker, helped put together her first book ‘ELLEments of Personal Style– 25 Modern Fashion Icons on How to Dress, Shop and Live’ and has managed to continue working with long-time friend and collaborator Gwyneth Paltrow on the Holy Grail of lifestyle branding GOOP! he’s living the East Coast/West Coast dream by splitting her time between NY and LA and when she’s not making sure Hollywood’s leading ladies are dressed to the nines, she focuses on her yoga practice, studies astrology, blogs and watches old French films. She’s a self-professed Alaïa freak, loves a cheap and cheerful bodysuit and lives by our mantra, "When there’s a will, there’s a way,” especially when it comes to squeezing into the perfect shoe. Like us, she’s still mourning the demise of Phi and is quite certain Miuccia made her pink, black and orange striped dress with Ladino’s aesthetic in mind. Her favorite little gem is a printed CHANEL scarf that she picked up at New York consignment shop, Tokio 7. But it’s her approach to building a wardrobe that us Coveteurs are in tune with: "I guess one man’s garbage is another one’s treasure." On that note, Ladino, let us know the next time you’re taking out the "trash."