Kelly Oxford

Author, Screenwriter. Los Angeles

Dashing directly from LAX, we rushed over to meet, Oxford where she was patiently waiting for us, despite us, um, taking liberties with our original meeting time (emphasis on the patiently—it's a Canadian thing, okay?). We made our way up to our suite, where Oxford unpacked a trove of treasures and we in turn hooked her up with room service featuring chopped Cobb salad and a Diet Coke.

For the (somehow) unfamiliar, Oxford is a bit of a social media Cinderella story. While Oxford has been writing online for years, it wasn't until she started working within Twitter's 140-character limit that things finally (and deservingly) blew up for her. Throw in a best seller (“I was worried that if I didn’t get on the New York Times Best Seller list, I’d always be mad that Snooki did, and I didn’t,”) a few sold sitcoms and spec scripts, and one Roger Ebert-sponsored Visa later ("He’d retweet the dirtiest tweets I wrote"), and the mom-of-three's name is universally known among non-Luddites.

Oxford’s closet is filled with pieces, which each deserve their own best seller. "The day before the [Alexa Chung x Madewell shoes] went on sale I had a Madewell in N.Y.C. hold them for Jessica Alba then had my lit agent in N.Y.C. pick them up for 'her.'" As we picked up a printed frock, Oxford was quick to declare it her “Rihanna” dress. Turns out the Opening Ceremony number she bought with @BadGalRiRi in mind got Ri’s seal of approval later that night at a GQ party. “I tracked her down and asked her if she liked the dress. She spun me around and said ‘Mmmm-hmmm, I love that dress! Girl, you got a nice ass.’ And then I blacked out,” she confessed. Talk about making you feel like the Only-Girl-In-The-World. We also gushed over that tangerine-orange Marni steal (keyword: steal) she debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live, while promoting her book, Everything Is Perfect When You’re A Liar. She snatched it up on THE OUTNET.COM when they entered in the price incorrectly; $1200? More like $120.

Before wrapping, we chatted about our shared excitement for The Bling Ring, our Canadian roots, and her latest purchases: a Delfina Delettrez earring and Khai Khai lifeline ring. And for all those who read her book (raise your hand if you did so multiple times...we did!), you’ll be pleased to know the word wizard has another one in the works (not to mention a TV pilot and her second and third feature film). Not bad for a “stay-at-home mom,” right?