Aimee Song: Part Two

Interior Designer & Blogger, Los Angeles

You know that phrase, “Hit the ground running?” It’s basically the epitome of how things work over at The Coveteur. We sacrificed having designer bags under our eyes (meh, nothing a little eye cream can’t fix, right?) to take the first flight into N.Y.C. in the midst of Fashion Week. Fast-forward the luggage and customs part (thank god for Nexus!) and we bolted by cab to The Tribeca Grand to catch up with Cov-alum Aimee Song.

There’s no better way to stay your day than kicking it with Song. With the contents of her suitcase neatly sprawled out around her room, Song greeted us with cupcakes (again!) in a striped frock and got right into photoshoot mode. Much like our last encounter, Song serenaded us with a killer playlist: A$AP Rocky, MiguelDrake, Tupac, Eazy-E, Rihanna, Kanye, Jay-Z…basically all our favorites—but unfortunately the girl didn’t bust out her signature Crip Walking skills.

Much like Chiara Ferragni and Natasha Goldenberg’s packing job, we couldn’t help but envy Song’s instinctual selection and organization. “I try to plan my outfits ahead so I don’t overpack and I’m not stuck thinking, ‘Oh, what should I wear?” she told us. If only we all had that mentality, right? As for the things she always travels with? “Aquaphor: perfect for dry skin, Fuji camera to shoot, since it’s smaller and shoots really well, extra battery for my iPhone and snacks (almonds and Snickers).”

Amidst outfit changes, we chatted about her recent trip to Miami and, more importantly, her purchases. “I got these Saint Laurent heels at the first Saint Laurent store in Bal Harbour,” she said, showing us her black and white ladylike pumps.

And we think we solved the inspiration behind Song’s style: she got it from her momma. “My mom has always had amazing style. She’s such a unique and fun person. When she was pregnant with me, her water broke at a nightclub in L.A., so you can imagine what a wild child she was. In the 90s I remember my mom being a big fan of houndstooth, crop tops, oversized coats, and CHANEL ballet flats.” See? The apple don’t fall far from the tree.