Bryan Boy

Blogger. New York

We've been readers of Bryan Boy's eponymous blog since what feels like it's inception. He's gone from posting from his native Philippines to sitting front row alongside Anna and Grace, having his photo snapped by a fury of photogs—all in a day’s work for Bryan!

We popped by the globetrotting blogger’s new N.Y.C. digs during the midst of Fashion Week and got down to business digging through his colorful closet filled with whimsical Jil Sander prints, gold-capped shoes and D&G embroidered bags. We were enamored with his vast collection of printed tees and trousers, and let us be the first to tell you, this boy has a serious thing for Prada loafers.

We first fell for Bryan after reading his frank musings on fashion, which he describes best, "people go to my site to be entertained; they go there for my personality." However, we've noticed Bryan's blog evolving in a decidedly more mature direction over the past few years, "I used to be crazier, maybe two or three years ago, but I turned thirty [this year]; now it’s time to grow up." In fact, one of the few things that hasn't changed is his signature "Baboosh!" blog sign-off.

As for his head-turning looks? Bryan doesn’t even think twice about it. “Fashion should be fun, spontaneous and frivolous,” he told us. For a guy who shoots, writes and edits his own content (without an assistant or intern, may we add!), there’s just “no time” to contemplate outfits, quite the laissez-faire approach to daily dressing for someone constantly being snapped by street-style photogs. But Bryan said it best: “If you’re doing what you love the most, it’s not really work.”