Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler, CEO of Kelly Wearstler Inc. Los Angeles

Kelly Wearstler’s name is synonymous with “raw and refined” style. The interior designer-turned-designer (and four-time author) applies the same thoughtfulness to her interiors as she does to her collections. When we peeked inside her Beverly Hills abode, we were smitten with the sheer size of the home and the attention to detail throughout. No crevasse or corner was overlooked, and true to form, every inch had the signature K.W. touch. A true mom-trepreneur, she’s got her vintage-inspired brass hand in every aspect of her empire. And Wearstler’s love for vintage spans far beyond the average human: she’s even got a “fashion house” out back for all her archived pieces. Oh, and she’s got more Manolos than Carrie Bradshaw! Believe it.