Hedi Gores

Co-Founder of Pressed Juicery & The Chalkboard; Mother. Los Angeles

Meet Hedi Gores, the Co-Founder of Pressed Juicery and the woman responsible for our PJ addiction. It’s a bit of an issue when you get hooked on something that's unavailable on your side of the border, so whenever we’re in L.A. we fuel up on that stuff like crazy. When we arrived at Gores’s abode we were fed a healthy (and hefty!) spread from Urth Caffé—along with an endless supply of some amazing PJ blends. But don’t let this health freak fool you: we cleansed her closet and flushed out the best of the best to dress up around her home. Her closet is essentially a Rodeo Drive boutique filled with racks (yes, real racks) of clothes and perfectly-placed shoes. We went window-shopping in her shoe department, where the heels were expertly displayed in fresh form, and within minutes we realize that this was an Estee Stanley-styled home. Gores’s digs has the signature E.S. touch throughout: an eclectic mix of new-meets-old, complete with rich velvet fabrics, quirky taxidermy, and modern detailing. We were totally enamoured by the custom graffiti wall in her son’s bedroom (hey Revok, our office walls are looking a little bare…) but not all the toys around the house belonged to her son. “My son has an obsession with Kidrobot,” Gores revealed, “and I've been known to buy a few for myself, too.” Now that’s a girl with good taste! From her selection of printed Balenciaga skirts to her collection of classic Hermès bags, Gores has a style that treads the line between cool and classic. And even though her closet is a sea of colourful, whimsical heels, Gores always goes back to the simple black pump. “I love the opportunity to be grand, but it's the classics that are key to who I am.” Amen, sister.