Tommy & Dee Hilfiger

Founder, Tommy Hilfiger. Founder, DEESIGNS. New York

By: Stacie Brockman

Tommy and Dee Hilfiger are two names synonymous with style and power. Both are successful entrepreneurs in their own right; Tommy with his namesake empire and Dee with her recently launched collection, DEESIGNS for HSN. The duo have translated the very same labour of love and passion of their businesses into their home, which is a carefully curated, museum-like abode at the iconic Plaza in NYC. From their Eloise room, which features a hand-painted, 360° mural to the nautical theme of their youngest son, Sebastian’s room, the Hilfiger’s have applied the very same creativity and thoughtfulness in their home as in their respective lines.

Tommy even took the time to give us an extensive lesson on the Hilfiger history, and told us tales of casting Britney Spears in his ad campaign before anyone knew her and showed us snapshots from the days of Studio 54. We have to say, Dee and Tommy compliment each other so well.
Dee shares a similar passion for the arts and Americana prep epitomized by the Tommy Hilfiger brand. The former Ford model love for fashion inspired her to fill a void in the handbag market by creating a customizable, multi-functional bags. Tommy has devoted years to building the classic Americana brand, which is widely recognized for staying true to the red, white and blue jean classics that play on the preppy aesthetic. Tommy and Dee's sophisticated taste in art – the Warhol’s, Basquiat's, Keith Haring’s and Richard Prince pieces – and their preppy chic closets made our job a breeze.