This London Closet Is a Master Class in Celebrating Personal Style

It starts with Racil Chalhoub’s signature pastel-hued tuxedos and goes all the way to rare CHANEL bags. London.

By: Laurel Pantin
Styling: Laurel Pantin
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

The very first thing we noticed when we walked into designer Racil Chalhoub’s London apartment was color. Everything was colorful—down to the front door, which was hot pink and tagged by none other than Mr. Brainwash himself. Everywhere we looked, there was something fun, friendly, and bright meeting our gaze. And, surprise, surprise, the minute we walked into Racil’s closet, we were greeted with racks of candy-colored clothing.

We actually had to work backwards to find Racil. We were first drawn to her rainbow-hued namesake line of tuxedo jackets and trousers (which were still dying to add to our own closets). But like so many brilliant fashion finds, once we first encountered them, we had to know who was behind them—these pieces that were exactly the things we want to wear, always (the very same feedback she got from everyone who first saw her debut collection), they’re the wizard wardrobe item that we think could be the answer to every single dressing dilemma. Plus, whats sexier than a woman in a tuxedo? Answer: a woman in a multi-colored gem-encrusted tuxedo and a pair of metallic Miu Miu heels.

Once we learned more about her, that she actually got her start running a concept shop in Beirut, and was inspired by her mother and Bianca Jagger to start her own line, we guessed she’d have a closet full of rare gems like a CHANEL Matryoshka doll clutch (not to mention her massive CHANEL collection handed down from her mother), as well as her namesake Le Smoking jackets in a wide spectrum of My Little Pony colors.

And surprise, surprise, we were right! Thats exactly what we found. Click through to hear more about her signature statement style and how she silenced self-doubt while launching her label.